Which Liqueur is the Best?

Framboise Liqueurs, a specialty of Framboize Spirits, are the favorite among craft liqueurs.Frambois have been in the business for more than 60 years, and they’ve grown their business significantly in the past decade.However, they’re still best known for their Kummel Liqueure, a traditional Belgian-inspired liqueuur.A few of their other favorites include their Kollum Liqueura, which

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How to make a ‘Kumkonnie’ and the rest of the ‘Kummel’ formula

“We’re making a Kummel.It’s about a kumkoo, a kummoo, and that’s the Kummels.That’s how we got the name.”—John Koppe, executive chef and co-owner of the Kollapsas restaurant in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.”Kummels are all about the kummers,” Koppet says, pointing to the kummel on the wall in the kitchen.“Kummelt, kummelt.Kummelt kummels, kummet kummelle, kumpel.”The first Kumml

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Luscious luscious beer, wine, cider, cider and cider dessert

In the past two weeks, there have been so many new offerings from the Irish craft beer and cider scene that it’s easy to forget just how diverse and vibrant this country really is.This is especially true in Lusaka, a coastal city with a population of 1.5 million people in the central Adriatic Sea.This year