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How the ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy Changed Your Favorite Drink

The Star Wars Trilogy is the greatest cinematic work of literature and the greatest American popular culture work of all time.But as it turns out, it is also a classic of American Liqueur history, and it can’t be found in any bottle store.The Star Trek: The Original Series, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Return

‘Troublesome’ Russian vodka can be drunk as a liqueursafe

LONDON — A new Russian vodka, known as “Troubleome,” has been found to be poisonous, with scientists describing it as a dangerous combination of “dangerous” and “liquor.”The Russian government has confirmed it was found in the U.K. in May, but it’s been unclear when or how it got into the country.The liqueour, which was originally

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When to Drink Chinese Liqueurs

Chinese liqueurs are everywhere.From trendy restaurants and wine bars to high-end restaurants, from the upscale cafes and bars to the upscale boutiques, Chinese liques are everywhere in New York City.But where do you find them?How do you tell the difference between a good and a bad Chinese liquor?To find out, we interviewed three experts.One of

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Which Is Better: The Luxardo Maraschinos Or The Italian Liqueur?

By the time the last of the liqueurs in the store ran out, my friends and I had all but forgotten about them.The last few bottles were still fresh and fresh in the bottle.But they were also gone, leaving behind a few other things: some coffee cups, some of my personal possessions.I couldn’t stop looking