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How to make the perfect lime liquor (and drink it)

The next time you go out to your favorite bar, ask the bartender to make a lime lotto ticket and pour it into a pitcher of water.The bartender will give you a tip and then serve the beverage as if you are a real person.You can use this to get your order of drinks, or

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Chambord Liqueur’s price rises as market remains subdued

Chambords Liqueurs have surged in price after the company said the price of a bottle of the drink rose to $11.25 a liter from $9.80.The price of the ChambORD LiqueUR rose to more than $10 a liter after Chambard said the value of its stock rose from $6.60 to $9 per share.Chambord said it had

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Which elderflower wine is the best?

Elderflower wine, or elderflower tea, is often touted as a superior option for people suffering from arthritis, allergies, or chronic fatigue syndrome.But its potency is often questioned, with some experts questioning whether the drink is safe for long-term use.Elderflower tea can also be found in some Chinese herbal medicine products, including Ginkgo biloba, which is

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When Is It OK to Drink Banana Liqueur?

When is it OK to drink banana liqueurs?This is a question that seems to be a lot more common than it should be.It’s a topic I’ve been thinking about lately, but I think it’s important to take a step back and really think about what exactly constitutes “alcoholic liqueuring” in this context.So what is alcoholic

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‘Cranberry Lemonade’ maker takes heat after ‘fake lemonade’

New York Times reporter David E. Sanger has been writing about the rise of fake lemonade for years, and the fact that it’s becoming so prevalent in the marketplace is a cause for concern.Lemonade, Sanger wrote, is a $10 billion business that makes up the majority of the world’s supply.Sargent’s article has been called “sensational”

A man with a dream is back to make a difference

A man from a remote village in rural Kerala, who has not been heard from since the deadly floods in 2017, has finally returned to his home.The man, identified as Nirmal Kumar, is a member of a small tribe of farmers who have lived their lives on a hilltop.He has been unable to return to