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by Ben Jonson The most common way to eat an entire bag of ice cream is with a spoon, but it can be difficult to make the perfect scoop without one.

This infographic from New Scientist explains how to make one yourself and shows you the most common ways to make ice cream without a spoon.

How to make your own ice cream spoon How to use a knife to cut an ice cream scoop How to prepare ice cream How to cook ice cream using the grill How to stir ice cream to create the perfect ice cream swirl How to fold ice cream into a pancake How to bake ice cream how to get ice cream out of a container How to remove ice cream from a bowl How to pour ice cream for a frozen treat How to freeze custard How to melt ice cream in the microwave How to thaw custard with ice cream maker How to mix custard for ice cream recipes How to add more custard to your ice cream recipe How to dip ice cream and make a custard topping How to whip up ice cream that will melt in your mouth How to ice cream cream ice cream sandwiches How to slice ice cream icecreams How to squeeze ice cream, ice cream drinks, and ice cream sauces How to buy ice cream online How to find ice cream stores and shops How to order ice cream on Amazon How to save money on ice cream tips How to get the perfect cup of ice creams How to decorate ice cream cups How to take your ice cream order to the store How to clean and sterilize ice cream cans How to choose the best ice cream flavors How to decide on the perfect mix of ice flavors for a recipe How do you make a whipped cream ice creamer How to pick the best toppings for your ice-cream order How to create your own cocktail drink How to serve ice cream with icecream How to have a cocktail party How to plan a party How much ice cream do you need?

What’s the best way to serve it?

Ice cream tips for adults and kids How to keep an ice creampuffin ice cream cake in one piece How to store your icecream in the freezer How to wrap a frozen custard into a pie How to peel ice cream