Viniq Liquor, a liquor company in Ireland, will open its first Irish distillery in Belfast


ViniQ, an Irish distillerie, has announced plans to open its 1st Irish distilling distillery to cater for Irish customers in Belfast.

The distillery, located in the town of Kincaid, will be open in the coming months and will be the first distillery operated by the company in the country, said ViniQuin.

ViniQuon said he is hoping to have the facility operational by December and would be working with local residents to open it.

The first Irish whisky distillery will open in Belfast, Ireland in early 2017.

Ireland’s first distilling and liqueurs company Viniquon will open a distillery located in Belfast in early next year.

Vini quon said the first Irish bottling of his company’s products will be opened by the end of 2017.

“We have already announced plans for an Irish whiskey distillery which will be operated by Vini Quon, which will serve Irish customers,” he said.

“I am extremely excited about this venture and I will continue to work with the local community to open this first Irish whiskey brewery.”

Vinigius is also planning to expand its Irish operations.

Vini Quonden, the company’s chairman and chief executive, said the distillery would be a good example for Irish companies to follow.

“The spirit of Irish culture and heritage is being reflected through Irish whisky,” he added.

 Vini quonden said the Irish whiskey market is expected to grow at a fast pace with the arrival of the first batch of Irish whiskies in the United Kingdom, but that the number of Irish distillers would be limited.

“The number of distillings is limited to around 100 and this will be a step in the right direction to expand this sector in the future,” he explained.

Vinis quon added that he is expecting the Irish market to grow significantly over the next decade and said he believes the country could overtake China as the biggest market for Irish whiskey.

“Ireland has more than tripled its sales of spirits to more than 20 million litres annually and we will see a dramatic increase in that number in the next 10 years,” he concluded.