Which is better, Campari or Elderflower Liqueur?


Campari: Campari is one of the more popular liqueurs for summer drinks, but it’s also one of those expensive and sometimes problematic brands.

The brand’s price tag can easily make it difficult for even a first-time drinker to get the most out of it, but that’s exactly what this recipe is.

We chose Campari for its luscious floral notes and smooth, creamy texture, and Elderflower for its herbal and earthy taste.

We added a splash of lemon juice and a splash more of water to make it drinkable and flavorful.

All of the ingredients we used were farm-fresh, and we blended them together with a splash or two of vanilla extract.

The finished product is a drinkable but balanced, full-bodied liqueure that pairs well with a nice cup of coffee.

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