Which players are the best at their position in Serie A?


On this day in history, in a game between Juventus and Lazio, both teams were playing their best football.

They were winning, but both teams had their flaws.

And in the end, it was Juve who won the match, 2-0.

The scoreline says it all.

Lazio, who had a better defensive record than the Bianconeri, were able to make a few key plays.

The first was the introduction of an extra man in front of the back four.

This meant the Biancocelesti were unable to push forward, and Lazios players were unable or unwilling to make any sort of impact.

The second was the goal, a shot that ricocheted off the back of the net and past Antonio Cassano to put Lazio ahead 1-0 at the break.

The third was when the game was going to end.

Juve had a couple of opportunities to score, but the Biancians players did not want to waste any more time.

They got a goal back when the ball was played through the back by Paulo Dybala, who got the ball into the box and shot it into the net.

The shot went over the bar, but there was no celebration from the Lazio players, who were just celebrating the goal.

The final moment of the game, which Lazio won 2-1, came with just a minute remaining.

Alessandro Del Piero was able to get a shot on goal from outside the box.

He hit the bar and was stopped by the Italian referee, who then sent off the ball to a Lazio player who then put it past the bar.

After the game Lazio manager Antonio Conte said that he is happy with the win.

He told the media that “We played the best football we could and we deserved to win”.

Lazio will be in a good place now, Conte added, “because we have to make sure that we stay in the Champions League.

They have a lot of good players, and we have nothing to lose.

I’m not looking forward to the Champions’ League, I’m looking forward the league.” 

Lazios captain Paulo Dybal had this to say about his team’s performance: “The boys were amazing, we played with a lot more energy, and our players were really brave.

It was the perfect game for us, we were all on the same page.

We gave our all, and I think we won.” 

What do you think of Lazio’s victory?

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