‘Troublesome’ Russian vodka can be drunk as a liqueursafe


LONDON — A new Russian vodka, known as “Troubleome,” has been found to be poisonous, with scientists describing it as a dangerous combination of “dangerous” and “liquor.”

The Russian government has confirmed it was found in the U.K. in May, but it’s been unclear when or how it got into the country.

The liqueour, which was originally marketed as “Vodka Royale,” is meant to be drunk straight after a meal.

The Russian Government says it is only for those with liver cirrhosis.

But there is concern about the dangerous ingredients.

The Russian Ministry of Health says the Russian vodka contains a toxic mix of metals including arsenic, lead, leaded-copper, mercury, zinc and mercury-based compounds.

The products are intended to be taken in the form of a concentrated cocktail for people with liver disease.

The Ministry says people with cirrhotic liver disease should only drink “pure vodka,” which it says has “no harmful effects.”

The Health Ministry is currently testing the liqueours and hopes to be able to confirm the presence of arsenic, mercury and zinc in May.

“We are in the process of taking further measures against the toxicity of this new Russian liqueurt and hope to have that in place by the end of the year,” the ministry said in a statement.

“The product does not have the same ingredients as other popular Russian liquors, such as Vodka Royale, and does not contain any additives.

The Health Minister also said that people who drink the product should take care not to consume the same batch twice, and to avoid mixing it with alcohol.”

According to a statement from the British Embassy in Moscow, Russian vodka is intended to contain “slightly higher concentrations of arsenic” than vodka in the United Kingdom.

Russian authorities are currently looking into how the mixture was made in Russia, the statement said.

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