Liqueur lovers rejoice: A new vodka-infused liqueurs recipe



— Pumping ice cream is not a new thing, and it’s a fun way to bring your favorite flavors together.

But with this new recipe, it’s no longer about ice cream.

And that’s the point.

The makers of new vodka liqueured drinks say the vodka-based drinks they created are healthier than the usual ice cream concoctions.

They say that’s thanks to the addition of coconut milk.

The drinks taste better than ice cream because of the coconut milk, said co-founder and CEO of Little Rock, Ashley Miller.

This new vodka vodka liquor recipe comes from a small team that has been making vodka cocktails for the last 15 years.

The vodka vodka ice cream liquors were created at the same time that a new vodka recipe was created.

The vodka ice creams, which are made with vodka, coconut milk and coconut cream, were a huge hit.

We are excited to bring this unique vodka ice liqueuring recipe to you for your pleasure, Miller said.

Vodka ice cream drinks were the top seller for the brand’s brand anniversary celebration last year, and Miller hopes to bring the same success to other new products.

I was surprised how much we were able to bring to the table, said Miller, a sophomore majoring in health sciences.

With a new ice cream recipe, you’re still getting a different taste experience from the ice cream, but it’s just more fun to try it.

It’s like a little ice cream in your mouth, she said.

I can’t wait to see how you guys are enjoying this vodka loyale, Miller joked.

The new vodka ice liquors are just the first of a new line of products.

The company is currently working on an ice cream version of its popular Vodka Ice Cream bar, which is available in grocery stores and liquor stores nationwide.

It’s not yet clear if any of the new products will be available in stores.

Miller said she hopes other liqueors will be introduced over the coming years.

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