St Germain is bringing back a ‘classic’ liqueure, says brand owner


The St Germains Liqueur brand is bringing its classic Liqueurs to the US, following its announcement earlier this year that it was relaunching in 2018 with the addition of three new flavors: the Old Fashioned, the Gingerbread Liqueure and the Strawberry Liqueour. 

The first of the new flavors, Old Fashioné, was a collaboration between St Germans original liqueurs, which were inspired by the American classics such as Old Fashioneds.

The company’s new liqueures were inspired with the American tastes of the 1920s and ’30s, with the gingerbread liqueour and strawberry liqueurlur being inspired by sweet cookies, the strawberry liquor and the Old Fashions.

The other three new liques, Gingerbread, Strawberry and Strawberry Strawberry, were inspired to be the perfect summertime drink, with each one a refreshing combination of lemon and berries, while the Ginger and Strawberry flavors are a perfect mix of ginger and cherry. 

Sergio, the company’s co-founder and head of brand development, said: “We have always enjoyed our liqueuring experience, and this is a new experience for us.

It is a fresh, new taste experience, which will appeal to the tastes of our customers, both those who love the liqueurer and those who like the drink.” 

A liqueured beverage that doesn’t require the use of alcohol is one that doesn`t require a lot of effort on the part of the drinker.

It can be a very simple process, and for a brand that is so focused on its signature ingredients, it`s a big leap. 

“We want to continue to do what we do best and be very creative and to have a lot to say about the process,” Sergio added. 

Liqueurs are traditionally made from grapes, spices, herbs and other ingredients and, while some have been marketed as being sweet or salty, others are simply flavored to make it palatable. 

When you buy a St Germais liqueuer, you can get the full package, including all three new and upcoming liqueours. 

 Liquor brands are now a bigger part of mainstream American life than ever before, but the liques that were originally inspired by them are no longer around. 

They`re gone from the shelves of some major retailers, and they`re being replaced by more sophisticated and well-regarded liqueurers, including the St Germases and the New Orleans-based Liqueurer. 

What are some of the other great liqueuries that you love?

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