10 things to know about the new ‘taste-test’ coffee, including how it works


Coffee lovers everywhere have been excited about the Taste-Test coffee bar in Seattle, but how exactly does it work?

It’s a concept that was introduced by a small startup called CoffeeCraft in San Francisco earlier this year.

The concept allows coffee lovers to select from a number of different coffees, ranging from the traditional Kombucha to specialty blends like Amarula and Liqueur.

Each taste test coffee is also different and comes with a $2.99 per cup charge.

The coffee will be poured into a glass, which the user then takes to their table and gives the barista the option to pour it into their glass.

If they do, it will then go into the machine to be poured.

It takes around 45 seconds to pour a cup of coffee, according to the company.

The company, which sells coffee samples at coffee shops, has now launched a second coffee shop called Kombuchaus in Seattle.

There, customers can order from the menu and then pick up their coffee at the cafe, which serves up to two cups per visit.

They can also choose from a range of other flavors, like the Lemonade, Coffee, Tea, or Espresso.

The cafe is currently open in the Pike Place Market.

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