Which cocktail will win the 2018-19 edition of the Golden Spike?


The 2018 Golden Spike is back and this year we’re looking at the winners. 

This year we have two different drinks: the Rose Liqueur and the Faretti biscotti. 

The Rose Liquor is a classic drink with a hint of caramel. 

Rose Liqueurs are made with rose water, rose sugar, and rose syrup. 

Faretti’s biscottis are made with a sweet and fruity caramel.

They have a sweet-tart taste, a smooth finish, and are perfect for a dessert party. 

Read on for the best Golden Spike cocktails. 


La Vie En Rose Lachaise (Rose Liquer) (Bacardi) $18.99 La Rose is a classic cocktail that’s great for a cocktail party.

This drink uses rose water to give it a light, sweet and refreshing taste. 


Grand Marnier (Lemonade) ($17.99) GrandMarnier is a refreshing liqueurs drink that has a light lemon twist to it. 3. 

Malta (St. Germain)  ($15.99, 10-pack) Melt sugar in ice water and stir into a glass of milk.

Garnish with a slice of lemon. 


Lemon Liqueuri (Dandelion)  (Kegel Cake) For a refreshing and delicious cocktail, try a lemon liqueuri. 


Cherry Liqueur (Frozen Cherry) (-30%) (Pineapple, Orange, Blackberry) +$9.99 (30ml) The Cherry Liqueuur is an easy drink that uses ice and lemonade to give the drink a light and sweet flavor. 


Bacon & Cherry (Caramelized Bacon) – ($12.99-$18.49, 1-liter) Caramelizes bacon fat in water and adds a hint or flavor of sweetness to the drink. 


Sour Cherry Liquor (Strawberry)  (30% Sugar) -(30ml, 1oz) Sours cranberries and gives the drink its tart, fruity taste. 


Vanilla Ice (Vanilla) -$6.99  Vanilla ice is a great option for a summer cocktail. 


Alton Brown Cider (Black) 30ml (4oz)  Alton is the founder of the Alton Brown Cider Company, which he created in 1964. 


St. John’s Irish Cream (Irish Cream) 60ml St John’s is the oldest surviving distillery in the U.K. 11. Irish Red Lime (Blueberry)   60ml A great summer cocktail that will please the whole family. 


Old Fashioned (Cocktail)  60ml Old Fashioneds are very popular among bartenders, who love their light and refreshing flavor.

It’s a great way to pair with a beer. 

13. Blue Moon (Chocolate) 40ml BlueMoon is a traditional Irish whiskey, created in 1826, and the company is famous for making delicious, well-crafted cocktails.

The drink has a rich, creamy, chocolate flavor and is delicious served at any time of the day or night. 


Blackberry Cinnamon (Alcohol) 50ml This is an extremely versatile cocktail with a subtle, smooth, and creamy cinnamon flavor.


Berry’N’Blond (Rum)  50ml Berry N Blond is a very popular cocktail that is a mix of rum, raspberry syrup, vanilla, and strawberry syrup.

The cocktail has a slight tartness to it, but the fruit is light and fresh. 


Peach Lemony (Sweet) 50ml  A refreshing summer drink with just the right amount of sweetness. 17. 

Hops (Mashed Pumpkin)  (60ml)A popular summer drink, this is a delicious, simple, and easy to make summer drink. 


Jelly (Peanut Butter)  40ml Jolly Jelly is a smooth, creamy summer drink that is perfect for any time. 


Tiger (Orange)   40 The Tiger is an exciting summer drink and a favorite of bartenders. 


Carrot Cake (Apple)  30ml  Carrots are a great summer dessert.

The caramel flavor in the caramel cake is a bit sweet, but it is

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