I’ve got a really cool new way to make whiskey and whiskey-themed drinks!


The new liqueurs are named Irish Mist and Mist Liqueur and come in a range of colours to match the holiday season.

They are available for purchase at the shop, as well as on-site at the brewery. 

Irish Mist and Irish Mist Liquor are the first products in the brand to be available in Scotland. 

Mist Liqueurs and cocktails are available in a wide range of different flavours, including: Granulated Bitter Pour Blueberry Bruno Tequila Truffle Bacardi Chocolate Tobacco Lemon Lime Mint Bran Sugar Lemongrass Vanilla Cinnamon Vanillic Coriander Mango Blackberry Blackcurrant Apple Orange Cherry Mocha Orange  Malt Whisky Coconut Orange  The Irish Mist liqueors were designed by Irish whisky company, Irish Whiskey, and have a base of caramel, vanilla, and sugar. 

The liqueures are available at the site, and will be sold through the brewery in March, along with other flavours. 

“We’re excited to bring Irish Mist to Scotland and the wider world,” said Tara Murphy, Head of Product Marketing for Irish Whiskeys.

“Our liqueour line will be a new way of celebrating the holiday in Ireland.

We have a range that will be great to sip, and a range to drink with.” 

The Irish Whiskey Company has already established a customer-centric line of products including:   Irish WhisKEY – The Irish Whiskeys signature whiskey made with 100% malted barley sourced from the finest Irish barley fields, and distilled using traditional techniques. 

Liquor – A wide range with different flavour profiles, including chocolate, vanilla and blackcurrant. 

Vodka – A rich, flavourful and full bodied blend of the world’s finest spirits distilled at home. 

Tea – An all-natural, non-alcoholic drink made with the purest, most flavourful ingredients available to us. 

Stouts – A light, fruity and refreshing drink made from the pure essence of the finest Stouts. 

Bourbon – A lighter and more elegant drink made by blending ingredients together using the best methods available. 

A new range of products has been announced that will launch in the spring of 2018. 

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