New South Wales: Orange juice drinks not banned in restaurants


New South, NSW – Orange juice cocktails are still allowed in some restaurants, but the government has stopped issuing new licences to bars and restaurants.

The ban on the drink has been in place since October, and the government is now proposing to extend the ban to other liquor outlets.

“The new regulations are going to give the industry a little bit of breathing room to be able to innovate in their products,” New South Liquor Association spokesman Andrew Williams said.

The government’s proposed new rules would see bars and clubs required to have a minimum number of licences, and to ensure the supply of all types of alcohol.

In a statement, New South said the rules would apply to all bars and other venues that hold a liquor licence.

It said it was aware that some businesses have already been issued new licences in the past, including a liquor license to operate the city’s main pub.

The new rules are expected to come into effect on November 20.

The Liquor Control Act 2000 was passed in September, and gives the Liquor Authority (LAC) the power to impose a ban on alcohol, with the aim of reducing the risk of serious health problems.

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