Why does this sweet liqueure crossword puzzle look so cool?


The idea of crossword puzzles is a common one.

But for those of us who love a challenge, a good one can make us smile and get us through the day. 

While the concept of a crossword game has been around for a while, there’s never been anything quite like this. 

In fact, there are actually a handful of crosswords you can play right now that you can use to solve your life’s problems. 

Here are five of the best, and the best crosswords are all free. 


The Secret Garden (Tinyurl) For $9.99, Tinyurl will make you create a perfect puzzle. 

The first step is to find a perfect word in the box. 

After you’ve chosen your words, click on the box to create your perfect puzzle, which should take you just a few minutes. 


Babysitter’s Challenge (Ziploc) If you are looking for a good, easy way to spend a few hours working on a problem, then Ziploc is the answer. 

To begin, click the box next to the word “babysitchers challenge.” 

Then, when the box appears, choose the word you want to create a puzzle on. 3. 

PuzzleMaker (Sparkly) Sparkler offers a great way to play with the word puzzle box.

When you first open the box, you’ll see the word and answer box.

After selecting the word, the box will change color and change size. 


Easy Brick (Word) Word puzzles are a great game for kids, and Sparkly has made the most of them by offering them for free.

Simply place a puzzle board next to a word and click on it to see the answer to that word. 


Crazy Maze (Dribble) Dribbler is one of the oldest free puzzle game makers, and they offer their puzzles for free through a few of its apps. 

Enter “crazymaze” and you’ll be taken to a puzzle with multiple options. 


Turtle Soup (Quark) Quark has released a few puzzles for its game, but the most basic one is the Turtle Soup puzzle.

You’ll find a box next the word turtle, and it will open up a few options for you to fill out. 


Stuff That Works  (Twine) You’ll find that Twine’s puzzles are pretty straightforward. 

You choose a word, and you get an answer.

Once you’ve filled out the answer, click and drag the answer onto the puzzle box to start working. 


Eve of Destruction (Cheshire) The most famous crossword in the world, Cheshire has a lot to offer.

If you’re not familiar with the game, it involves playing word games with other players.

But it’s the crossword box that will really make you want a chance at solving a word puzzle. 


Mortgage (Bubble)  Bubbles is one puzzle that is so simple you might just not know what to do with yourself. 

When you’re first creating a word in a box, simply click the word to make a word box, and when the word box appears again, click a word to start a word. 


Duck and Cover (Konami) Konamii is a free puzzle that takes its name from the word duck. 

Simply put, when you’re in a word with another word, you click a duck, and this will bring up a puzzle box next you. 


Flat Stone (Vacuums) Vacuum is a puzzle game that you might not think of as a puzzle at all, but it is. 

Just click the “Flat” button on a box and a puzzle will be presented, and just as soon as you complete the puzzle, you’re out the door with a new puzzle.


Slime Party (Puzzle) Puzzles are one of those things that can be solved quickly and easily. 

But if you want something a little more challenging, Puzzlebox lets you create your own word puzzles. 

For example, instead of clicking on a word or two, you can just choose a few words and click a box to bring up the puzzle.