Chambord Liqueur’s price rises as market remains subdued


Chambords Liqueurs have surged in price after the company said the price of a bottle of the drink rose to $11.25 a liter from $9.80.

The price of the ChambORD LiqueUR rose to more than $10 a liter after Chambard said the value of its stock rose from $6.60 to $9 per share.

Chambord said it had doubled its dividend and that it expects to see growth in the future.

Chamchin-Ostermanis said it has increased its investment in the business by $50 million, and that its investments in the craft spirits business will increase to $200 million this year.

Chamberlain and Son said it plans to invest $250 million in its business in the coming years.

Chambard has a lot of good brands in the United States, including the brands Chambandon, Cappuccino, and Chambourin.

It also has its own bottling operations in France and China.

Some of its other brands include Chambor, Chambler, Chamchins, Chamchin, and Chamchins Chambaur.