Liqueur Cocktails from France: Liqueurs and spirits of the south


A new French brand of liqueurs is opening its first retail shop in Scotland.

Liqueurs from France have been widely exported since the mid-19th century, with some of the most iconic products appearing in a number of movies and books.

However, the country has also seen the growth of more modern brands.

The Liqueured Spirits Company is aiming to revive and revitalise this heritage with its newest shop in the heart of Edinburgh, The Liqueure Bar.

It is one of a number in the city, which have expanded into more traditional areas of the city centre and beyond, with a new bar, café and craft beer garden in the works.

“Liqueur is the word that describes the taste and the flavour that the liqueuers and the distillers create,” said company founder and CEO Michael Hargrove.

“It’s a drink that has a life of its own and you can’t get more alive than with liqueures.”

The Liquors of the South Liqueour is the third and final brand of the new Scottish Liqueuur company to open in the UK.

The company’s flagship brand is its Liqueoured Spirits, which are made with a blend of spirits from France, Spain, Belgium and other countries.

The drinks, which cost around £12 per 12-ounce bottle, are produced by a team of luthiers, who use a unique process of distillation.

The products are then shipped to Edinburgh from France.

Liquors are also made in Spain, with the Liquours of the Southern Comfort brand from the Liqueura region.

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