When To Drink Coffee in France


The best coffee in France depends on where you live, according to a new report from the Lonely Planet.

The guide offers advice on how to drink coffee in different parts of the country, from the north to the south, and on the east coast of France.

The best spot for coffee?

The north of France, according the Lonely Pack, which is based in Paris.

Lately, that has been shifting, with some regions of France enjoying higher sales than others.

Lifestyle tips for coffee drinkers include staying home and avoiding crowded places.

Travel tips: Take a walk.

Walk to a café in the heart of Paris and sip coffee from a cup, which costs around 20 euros (US$26).

Follow the sun.

Sun-baked French coffees are the best, according Lonely Planet, but you can find them in more rural locations.

“If the sun is not shining on you, don’t bother,” the guide says.

And don’t be afraid to ask a waiter for a cup of tea.

“They’ll be happy to show you around and ask you about things in town, like shops or the train,” the Lonely Poet says.

Travel tip: If you want a taste of the outdoors, go hiking or mountain biking.

The French Alps and other areas of the French countryside are popular for hikes.

Longevity advice: Longevity is a big consideration for people with cancer, and the Lonely Life Guide recommends spending at least a week out of the year in France.

Traveling in a backpack is a great idea, as you’ll save money on transport and accommodations, Lonely Planet says.

If you’re travelling with your family, “keep in mind that your health and happiness depend on your ability to do so,” the advice says.

But, for a family of four, Lonely Life recommends staying away from places where children are likely to be playing, as “they’re a social danger.”

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