How to drink viniQ Liqueur (1st Edition)


In a post on Twitter, author Viniq Liqueurs, founder of ViniQ, announced that his book will be releasing on February 1.

According to the author, the first edition will contain over 2,500 recipes, which he claims will “revolutionize the way people enjoy viniQues, viniquets, and even the way they make them”.

Liqueures 1st Edition will be released in India on February 2, 2017.

Liqueurs 1st edition will be a mix of traditional Indian recipes from India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, along with the most modern trends in vini ques, including artificial flavors, preservatives, and spices.

Viniques 1st is also designed to be a “revolutionary cookbook”, according to the book’s description.

“The book is intended to be both a cookbook and a guide for the aspiring vini purist,” the book says.

“It’s also intended to help you explore the world of the modern viniquean, where people are experimenting with new tastes, ingredients, and approaches to creating their own vini recipes.”

Liqueured up on ViniQués 1st, Liqueurus said he was inspired by the success of his book with his father, who created his own brand of Indian food and drinks.

“My father created a very unique way to drink a tea that was unique in terms of its flavor and also the way it was brewed.

So the idea for the book came from the idea that my dad’s vini was something very special,” Liqueure said.

Liqueuring up on the taste of India and Pakistan, the authors said their book will highlight the differences between the two countries.

“I am very excited about what’s to come.

I hope you enjoy it,” Liques said.

Liques 1st will be the first book to include the recipes of many Indian chefs, including former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, former President Pranab Mukherjee, and renowned Indian Chef Manu Singh Garg.

The book also includes recipes from a range of other notable chefs including the likes of the renowned chef and author Nandini Dasgupta, the chef-turned-food critic Aurobindo, and the food writer Suresh Babu.

Liquores 1st has a retail price of Rs 6,99,999 ($8,638) and will be available in the UK, Australia, India, and New Zealand.

Liques 1 will also be available through Indiegogo.