When you want a light, strong and refreshing drink without the calories.


The Next Wifi article The New Yorker article New Yorker  The New York Times article NYT  “I have a pretty good sense of humor,” said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.

She also said she and her husband have never been diagnosed with any mental illnesses. 

“We’re not super social people, but we just really enjoy hanging out and just hanging out.” 

The women said they were surprised to find themselves at the forefront of a movement that has already taken root across the globe, as the beverage becomes a major component of the American diet.

The new trend began with the release of the Superfoods: A Guide to Nutrients, Foods, Ingredients, and Their Uses for Better Health by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2015, which found that people who eat a lot of fruit and vegetables have the lowest risk of cardiovascular disease and a lower risk of cancer.

However, the new trend has since spread across the world, with many cities in Europe and Asia leading the way.

In some countries, such as Japan, people who drink water and vegetables can expect to see their risk of obesity drop by 15 percent.

“It’s a great way to get in the habit of eating less meat and more fruit and veg,” said Jennifer Stacey, an assistant professor of food science at the University of Washington and a food and beverage expert.

She added that the new wave of consumers has also been led by celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg, who recently told his Instagram followers that he was starting to “think about a healthier life.”

“The whole point of Superfoods was that we could be more conscious about what we eat, but it didn’t mean that we had to go vegan,” said Stacey.

 Stacey said she found the trend appealing, because it allows people to get a sense of what the healthiest diet is.

Even though the women said that they were already eating more fruit than they did before, Stacey said the trend was only going to get more popular as time goes on.

Stacey added that she and other health experts are hoping to see the new movement grow in other countries as well.

“[There is] this new trend, which is pretty big, that has come out of the United States, and we’re hoping to make it bigger and more widespread,” she said.

This article has been updated to include comments from Mark Zuckerberg.

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