Why NFL team’s ‘liquor store’ was named ‘NFL Store of the Year’


LONDON — The owner of the NFL’s liquor store in London is taking steps to make it more inviting and to make the atmosphere more relaxed, a company official said Tuesday.

Liam Gallagher, the owner of The Lager Bar in the heart of the capital, has begun to consider changing the name of the establishment from The Laundromat to “The Lager House” as part of the effort to attract more drinkers.

The change was made to be more welcoming for customers who are visiting London for the first time, said Ian Wilson, the chief executive of The Beverage Bar Group, a British company that manages the establishment.

The Locker Rooms and Laundry rooms will be renamed to reflect the change, he said.

Gallagher said he also hopes the name change will draw more tourists.

It’s a great place to drink and enjoy a good beer, he added.

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