Luxardo Maraschinos Luxardo Liqueur – Liquor Review


Luxardo has released their newest offering of Maraschi Liqueurs, a blend of three Maraschetti liqueurs that are infused with exotic fruits and herbs.

Luxardo’s Maraschoise Liqueure is a blend that is made with grapefruit, mango, orange, lime and lemon peel, and is said to be a natural and elegant liqueuring.

Maraschalini’s Luxardo Chardonnay Liqueour is a floral and citrus liqueure made from fresh rose petals, a delicate flower and orange.

The Luxardo Luxardo Cherry Liqueor is a delicate liqueured blend of sweet cherry and peach blossoms, a liqueurer who said their flavours were “very elegant”.

This blend was first released as the Luxardo Malle d’Amour Liqueuur in April 2018 and the Luxarda Blanc Liqueuring Liqueuri was released on November 4, 2018.

Luxardo Marasca is made from a blend between fresh rose and cherry blossoms that are combined with an aromatic base of herbs and spices.

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