Elderflower liquor recipe: ‘It’s a nice refreshing beverage’ — and ‘a nice treat’ —


Energetic liqueurs like elderflower liquesur are being marketed as a refreshing beverage, and many of them are actually making the best tasting liqueures you can get in a bottle.

But for those who like to enjoy more complex, more complex liqueours, this recipe is for you.

You can enjoy it without the added sweetness that comes with an elderflower-liquor blend.

(The full recipe is here.)1 cup (180 ml) elderflower essence, preferably elderflower 1/4 cup (120 ml) honey, preferably apple cider 1/2 cup (140 ml) water2 cups (800 ml) distilled waterFor the liqueor1.

Put all ingredients in a small glass.2.

Shake the glass vigorously for about two minutes.3.

Serve in a bowl with ice, or with a cocktail shaker.

Elderflower Liqueur (Elder Flower Liqueurs, Elderflower, Elder, Liqueure, Elder Flower, Elder)Ingredients1 cup elderflower essential oil, preferably distilled or fresh1/4 tsp.

honey, optional2 tsp.

elderflower extract (if you prefer a sweeter liqueure)1/2 tsp white pepper, optional1/3 cup distilled water3/4 of a lime, optionalDirectionsStir all ingredients together.

Enjoy in a glass with a splash of ice.

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