Apple’s Apple Watch’s next-gen version, the Sport, launches September 29

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Apple announced today that its next-generation Apple Watch will launch on September 29.

The new watch will sport a slightly bigger bezel, a stainless steel strap, and a new face with rounded corners and a circular logo that matches the watch’s circular bezel.

The Sport’s launch will coincide with Apple’s big announcement of the Apple Watch Series 3, a larger, faster model with more battery capacity.

The new Apple Watch Sport also includes a new, thinner and lighter version of the Sport Band, which will be available with both a black and gold color option.

The band itself is made of stainless steel, which gives the new model a higher weight, while the bands that come with the Sport Series 3 can be custom-made to your liking.

The watch will be sold for $299.99 with the Series 3 upgrade.

The $249.99 Apple Watch for Women and $349.99 Sport model will also be available, though prices are subject to change.

Apple’s Apple TV is coming to Apple Watch, tooWe’ve seen plenty of Apple TV-based smartwatches before, but this Apple Watch is the first smartwatch to support Apple’s HomeKit-based home automation platform.

With Apple TV, you can control and control your home via your TV, which can also be controlled from your iPhone or iPad.

Apple HomeKit, which lets you set up devices to act as speakers, lights, and more, will work with Apple Watch and Apple TV to allow you to control your smart home with just your voice.

It’s not a new feature for Apple TV and was included in the Watch Series 2, but it’s coming to all the Apple TV devices starting in the next few months.

Apple also announced that Apple TV will support Siri.

If you have an iPhone, you’ll be able to ask Siri questions and get answers from the Apple device.

Siri can also tell you how long it takes to respond to your commands and how much battery life is left.

Apple will also offer a free trial version of Apple Home for $10 per month, so you can get started right away.

Apple TV isn’t the only smartwatch that will support HomeKit.

Google’s Google Home for Android will also support Home, and the next generation of Samsung Gear Live is expected to support Home as well.

We’ll have more details on those smartwars in a future article.