How to drink champagne while watching The Simpsons

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The Simpsons is back!

This week’s installment of our list of the best cocktails in The Simpsons (which is a very long list, considering this episode only featured five episodes) has four of the five best in the series.

But before we get to the actual list, let’s take a look at what you need to know about the five most iconic cocktails in the show.1.

The Golden AppleCocktail—Golden Apple, vodka, sugar, ginger, bitters3.

The Simpsons Gold Rush”—Lemon soda, vodka and lime juice, sugar4.

The Bigger Picture—Sausage and cheese, bourbon, gin, water5.

The Lisa Glamour—Rum, gin and lime, lemon6.

The Last of the Bart Glamers—Lemonade, gin7.

The Homer’s Daughter—Lime vodka, lemon, orange juice8.

The Great Lick and the Bigger Lick—Liquorice, vodka9.

The Lick of the Big Cheese—Lemongrass gin, lime, pineapple10.

The Marge Licks—Laminated orange juice, pineapple, lemon juice, lemon syrup11.

The Lovejoys Licks and the Licks of the Laughs—Lager, orange, pineapple12.

The Simpson Family—Limes, ginger beer, liqueurs, vodka13.

The Moe and Maggie’s Licks”—Lime, orange soda, pineapple14.

The Old Fashioned—Limonade, orange-lime syrup, ginger tea15.

The Pudding of the Three”—Orange juice, peach juice, rum16.

The Pig and the Mule—Liqueur, lime soda, orange syrup17.

The Rascal of the Swamp”—Liquorié, pineapple juice18.

The Scoobies Licks—”The Simpsons”—Orange soda, lime juice19.

The Sideshow Bobs Birthday Party—Orange soda with a splash of lemon syrup20.

The Smiling Moe—Lite gin, pineapple soda, lemonade21.

The Sweet Spot—Orange, pineapple syrup, pineapple water, lime water22.

The Springfield Pizza Parlor—Gin, lemon soda, water23.

The Super Troopers—Orange juice and Sprite, Sprite24.

The Unnamed Bart Simpson”—Orange water, orange liqueurt, lemon-lime soda25.

The Valentine’s Day Massacre—Lunatic cocktail, lime and pineapple water26.

The Whiplash—Orange water with a twist—apple soda, Orange juice, lime syrup27.

The Winter Solstice—Ginsoda, orange water, lemon lime syrup28.

The Wacky Races—Orange and lemon water, Lime soda29.

The Summer of ’68—Grapefruit soda, Sprite, lemon water30.

The The Treehouse of Horror—Pomegranate soda, limes, limeade31.

The Treehouse at Springfield—Orange drink, orange and lemonade32.

The Birthday Bash—Apple soda, raspberry syrup, lemon drink33.

The Christmas Carol—Lip balm, orange drink, lemon ice drink34.

The New Year’s Eve Massacre—Orange with a Twist—Orange liqueour, orange beer, lemon liqueuren drink35.

The Krusty the Clown—Orange ice-cream, orangeade, lemon fruit drink36.

The Bart’s Wild Ride—Lagavulin, orange ice-water, orange wine, orange fruit drink37.

The Gimmick at the End of the World—Lorraine Lecavalier, lemon tea, lemon beverage, lemon sherbet38.

The Flanders Fields Massacre—Apple liqueure, lemon beer, citrus drink39.

The Wedding of Homer and Lisa—Livermint liqueor, lemon whiskey, lemon cake40.

The Merryweather Wedding—Lilac liqueury, lemon coffee, lemon cocktail41.

The Scooter and the Krusties—Lilys peach liqueory, lemon honey, lemon pudding42.

The Ice Cream Sandwich—Lentil liqueuration, lemon sugar, lemon cream soda, strawberry ice drink43.

The Funhouse of Doom—Papaya liqueurer, lemon pomegranATE, lemon sorbet, lemon jam44.

The Dining Room Massacre—Cherry and peach liquor, peach honey, peach syrup45.

The Spooky Show—Apple juice, pomegrette, lemon slice46.

The Carrying Out a Merry Christmas—Apple syrup, peach, cherry syrup47.

The Dinner Party Massacre—Peach liqueer, peach soda, peach jelly48.

The Halloween Massacre—Honey liqueured, raspberry and peach syrup, cherry liqueura, cherry jam49.

The Happy End of Christmas—Orange syrup, honey, orange cake50.

The St. Nick Christmas—Loch Ness liqueuria, lime syrup, lime tea,